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Who Is Easy Six Figure Income

Lisa - Easy Six Figure Income

Lisa - Easy Six Figure Income

My name is Lisa Mavridis and I decided that in 2011 that I wanted to start an internet business and make money online.  So here I am trying and learning from my many mistakes that we all make in the beginning.  Funny how life is I actually tried this in 1993 with  a Casino website but never understood the concept-how to make it work.  I obviously gave it up and now back for a rematch.  I thought that why can’t I  make money; everyone else is doing it.

I started in February with the Shoemoney System coaching program and I am moving at great speeds.  I have developed my website, which is about autoblogging plugins and great tools to help bloggers like you.  Check it out I am sure you will find some great stuff.  I also now have my blog, that is about how to become an internet marketer.  I am very excited about this new venture as anyone would just starting out.

I want to share what I am personally learning through the Shoemoney Coaching Program.  I started my online business and blog in 2011.  I want to make it easy for someone get started and become more of a resource for internet marketers.  It will also help me stay aware of new technology and internet marketing techniques.

This is definitely not a job that earns a Six Figure Income overnight.  That is part of the reason why I named this blog Six Figure Income.  It is a constant reminder of my goals and where I will be.

Take a look around and leave me a comment, tell me what you think.  I recently finished my series in Affordable Search Engine Optimization.  Although it will be always updated I am starting to focus my attention to SEO Basics for Blogging.

Reaching Success

Reaching Success

In addition I launched another website take a look at it as well.  Learn EmailMarketing is a tremendous resources for email marketers to review and find out the lastest news.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Signup for my newsletter and be the first to read my new postings on Easy Six Figure Income.  Reach for your Success and Learn how at Easy Six Figure Income you can Master Marketing Online with Affordable Search Engine Optimization techniques now.

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  1. Robbin says:


    Are you affiliated with “The Six Figure Income” guys, Ben and Dave? Did you get your start from them?


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