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Easy Six Figure Income Blog Carnival Posts 04-09-11

easy six figure income – April 2, 2012

Blog Carnival

Blog Carnival

easy six figure income

Welcome to the April 9, 2012 edition of easy six figure income. Here are some great articles being hosted by Easy Six Figure Income.  I am sure you will be equally as happy to read this smart and informative content.

Matt Hughes presents How To Use Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages posted at Social Media Marketing by eBizUniverse, saying, “Wondering how to use the new facebook timeline feature for brands or for business pages? Before brands were able to set a custom default landing page, this was to make sure the consumers would see what you wanted them to see and forcing them to “LIKE” your page to get past the landing page.”

Jill Thompson presents Protect Yourself: Available Remedies for Debt Collectors | How Does Rent To Own Work | Learn More About Rent to Own posted at How Does Rent To Own Work?.

Laura Edgar presents Capital One Venture Double Miles Challenge 2012: Earn 100,000 Miles posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “”Don’t delay—take the Capital One Venture Double Miles Challenge 2012 and earn 100,000 bonus miles before time runs out! This is a VERY limited opportunity to earn a quick $1,000 in travel rewards. Capital One is only giving away 1 billion miles and enforcing a strict May 1st deadline. Last year, the miles ran out well before the stated deadline, so take action quickly to get 10x the Venture’s usual bonus!””

Bill Smith presents Solutions To The Americas Hard Economic Time – 2009 Taxes – Free Tax Filing Options posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, “With $1.3 trillion deficit decline in State’s Revenue, and 43 States faced with budget deficit, these proves that the United States of America is not left…”

Amy Gardner presents Monitoring Tools As a Choice Criteria | Small Business Credit Cards | Best Credit Cards for Small Business posted at Small Business Credit Cards.

Maria Clark presents How is a credit score calculated? posted at Credit Cards for Bad Credit Resource.

Amy Gardner presents Social Media Marketing Basics for Small Businesses | Small Business Credit Cards | Best Credit Cards for Small Business posted at Small Business Credit Cards.

Jill Thompson presents What Debt Collectors Cannot Do To Collect Your Debts | How Does Rent To Own Work | Learn More About Rent to Own posted at How Does Rent To Own Work?.

Maria Clark presents Phrases to Avoid When Negotiating With Lenders posted at Credit Cards for Bad Credit Resource. presents Marketing Tips For Efficient Photography Promotion posted at Marketing Tips For Efficient Photography Promotion, saying, “Browse through to find useful marketing tips for efficient photography promotion and market your service with customized solutions.”

Daniel Rosenstein presents Set Smart Money Goals During Financial Literacy Month | Miss Money Bee posted at Miss Money Bee, saying, “Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house. You can also spend some time spring cleaning your finances. April is Financial Literacy Month, a great chance for you to evaluate your current financial situation and set some new financial goals.”

write-success with pc race car

write success

Driving Traffic

Theresa Torres presents Is Social Media Killing off Company Websites? posted at Freelance Copywriter’s Blog, saying, “Social Media can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your company website. There are some basic tips and tricks that you can follow or you can hire a social media consultant. The important thing is learning how to make your Facebook page or Twitter work well with your website for best results.”

Master Marketing Tips

Dr. Dean presents Killer Jobs: Do You Have One? posted at Dr. Dean’s Blog, saying, “Your working hard and your killing yourself, one keystroke at the time. Learn to work healthier.”

Theresa Torres presents 6 Tips for Creating a Website That Sells | posted at Tech Insert, saying, “Let me share with you a few tips that you can use as a guide to help you in your online retail business.”

Theresa Torres presents Where Does All My Money Go? posted at Tips, saying, “Here’s an analysis of what typical Americans make and spend in a month, how they pay their bills and some guidelines on how to manage spending and payment.”

Theresa Torres presents PPC Advertising vs Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses posted at Clubnet Search Marketing RSS Feed, saying, “Trying to decide between PPC Advertising and Social Media Advertising for your small business? A combination of the two may be best but knowing their differences first can help you make an informed and better decision.”


Jan Swami presents Text Messaging Marketing and Your Business posted at Social Media Optimization Services | Local Business Internet Marketing | Mobile Media Marketing | Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services, saying, “Onfio is a leading provider of social media optimization services, local business internet marketing, small business seo services, mobile media marketing, text messaging marketing, ppc management services and affordable search engine optimization services. Onfio enables online search engine optimization for local businesses through google maps marketing and local seo service. As social media marketing experts, as a results-oriented mobile marketing agency and as a premier business website design company, Onfio is not only the best search engine optimization company, but also the best internet marketing company overall. Onfio provides efficient social media marketing service, small business search engine optimization and internet marketing for online businesses.”

David Leonhardt presents Ghost Town Link Building posted at David Leonhardt’s SEO and Social Media Marketing, saying, “When the search engines follow links to your website, do they find a ghost town from a movie set? You know what those are like, right?”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of easy six figure income using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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