Guest Post

Guest Post Welcomed

Guest Post Welcomed

Want To Write A Guest Post? It has Advantages & It’s Fun Too…

Hi and Welcome to Easy Six Figure Income’s blog:

Writing a guest post in this blog is very simple. I have framed out a few guidelines in order to define a systematic guest post approach. It helps both of us to keep the process simple. Understand the guidelines, follow it while writing the guest post.

Here are the quick guidelines to Guest Post…

  • Your article must be 650+ words length.
  • Shall have 1 link (dofollow) from the article body to your own articles/sites.
  • Shall have 1 link (dofollow) from the “composed by” section
  • All these 2 links should be unique (that means, you should not link to same URL more than once).
  • Shall add an image to the post (don’t forget to give image credit) – optional, if you don’t add images, i will add
  • No Affiliate links….

Our Quick Statistics:

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This is an information rich blog, which covers many topics specifically related to Master Marketing Online, Affordable Search Engine Optimization and SEO Basics for Blogging.

Now detailed guidelines, continue reading if you are sitting idle

Guest Post Topics

  • You could write an article which falls under any of the categories defined in this blog.
  • Just see the side bar, if your article fits into any of these categories then fine.

Guest Post Length

I don’t mind how long you write your article, it could be 650+ words.  There are no maximum word count limits.

Guest Post Quality

Guest Post Quality

Guest Post Quality

  • Write unique content which should help to solve the readers problem and some way it should help them.
  • Practically speaking, articles of type “How To”, “Tips”, “Steps To”, “Ways” etc. falls in that problem solving category – Just a Tip…
  • If you are sharing a hot news in the Industry is also good.
  • You should not republish the article in your own/other web sites but you could link the article from other sites
  • Recommend to include at least an image with alt tag and link back to the image owner as credit – if you don’t add image, i will add a good looking image to your article. (flickr is the best place to quickly find cute images).

Guest Post Links

  • Linking To Your own site – You are allowed to have at most of 1 outgoing link from the content and 1 outgoing link from the “composed by” widget. In total 2 dofollow links.
  • An example “composed by” like, “This is a guest post by Lisa Mavridis from Easy Six Figure Income a blog, which guides beginners to start with nothing and to become a successful entrepreneur tomorrow“. You could add this kind of text in the admin dashboard, Users->Your Profile -> Biographical Info.
  • You should not link to the same URL more than once.
  • You should link to the URL which adds value to content and its reader.
  • No other restrictions on linking to articles from my own blog or even from other web sites (but it should add value).
Guest Post Approved

Guest Post Approved

Guest Post Approvals

Hope you understood the guidelines. If you are still not clear, just send a mail from contact form. I will get back to you with clarifications. I never reject “content which adds value” and i will try to publish your approved guest post within 3 business days (mostly it will be published in 48 hours).

Guest Posts Writing Advantages

There are so many reasons why you write guest post on other blogs ? And that’s one of the interesting part of blogging. You may ask, i don’t have time to write even for your my own blog and why you do i write guest post ? Okay, lets see those major advantages first which makes everything clear to you.

Exposing Your Brand

Have a brand with you and this involves taking the brand to the world. Its more about making visibility of your brand and exposing wider to the world. Because every website needs branding and it should reach the world. Exposing the brand may not happen itself and you don’t need to wait for people to see you.

Instead, you have to create visibility and expose your brand to the world yourself. So writing a guest post in other blogs help you to expose your brand to more people apart from your regular readers.

Bringing OFF Page SEO

Off-page optimization is one of the major topics in SEO. It involves, how the world looks at your site. One way, off-page optimizing happens is naturally. Your content goes viral, your website goes viral and spreads across the Internet. Another way, (especially during the initial/growing stage of your business) you have to optimize off-page yourself.

Now-a-days, search engines are intelligent in weighing the backlinks. It gives attention only to high quality backlinks. Guest posting is one such quality backlink creation strategy. If you write more guest posts on related blogs, it means you are doing effective off-page optimization by gaining quality backlinks to your web site.

Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Get In Touch with Other Bloggers

You are blogging on a niche/market and I too blog on the same niche/market. This way, both of us are building a relationship with each other. You may write a guest post on my blog today and I may write a guest post on your blog tomorrow. It increases the interaction between bloggers and finally, you will build a network of co-bloggers around your web site. That’s more important in business, especially if you want to survive in a highly competitive market.

Redirecting Targeted Visitors

Next comes the traffic. Guest post floods you traffic in two ways. One from the site where you are writing a guest post and indirectly from search engines upon gaining authority. Its like redirecting visitors from one blog to another blog.

For example, if you write 10 guest posts on 10 blogs and if 10 visitors coming from each of these blogs per day then your blog gets 100 extra visitors per day for life long. A very simple calculation, right ?

Brushing Up Writing Skills

Writing a guest post will definitely have you pays more attention to the content. You are going to publish before others or unknown visitors and automatically you will concentrate on the quality. This way, your writing skills improve and the next day, you will write even better on your own blog.

Its Fun Too..

Blogging is always fun. Guest blogging is even more fun. Its all about, how you are planning and working for your web sites growth. Get started today guest post at Easy Six Figure Income today!

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