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Overwhelmed with Blog Marketing Input? 7 Places to Prioritize Your Output

Blog Marketing Priorities Don’t Get Overwhelmed by Blog Marketing Tasks

When we first started A-List Blog Marketing, I signed up to receive email broadcasts from several of the top blog marketing bloggers. It’s good to see what other people are doing and some of the cutting edge marketing ideas and products that are coming on the market.

Every day the inbox in our gmail account looks like Times Square in New York City. There are more flashing headlines and offers than my brain can handle. Sometimes I look at all of them and just click away from gmail. It’s overwhelming.

Here are some of the headlines in today’s inbox:

All of these headlines look enticing and important. They all look like something that could be useful and potentially profitable for my blog. Maybe there’s even something that I would deeply regret missing if I didn’t read the post or take advantage of the information right now.

I could spend my entire day reading various posts and testing new products — and even then I would be confused about what to do next, what’s most important for my blogging goals.

How do you decide who to listen to, what advice to take, what products to purchase, and what to spend your time on next? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a Blog god who told you exactly what to do and when to do it to ensure that your blog is successful?

We don’t claim to be Blog gods, but we can help you prioritize and clear your way through the overload of information at your disposal. Here are some important things to focus on:

1. Pick a few experts to follow. There are so many blogs that cover blogging and online marketing. Every one of them has a different style, a difference voice, and a specific focus. Find a few (maybe 3-4) that you like and trust, who are successful at what they do, and follow them so you can learn from them. Some of our favorites here at A-List Blog Marketing (other than our own blog!) include:

Smart Passive Income


Think Traffic


Entrepreneurs Journey

Clay Collins

2. Never stop focusing on great content. The best marketing in the world won’t make up for weak content. Give your readers what they want on a regular basis. Make your posts insanely useful, rich, interesting, and informative. Write amazing headlines to grab their attention. Make sure the posts are easy to read, scannable, and well-formatted. Do this with every, single post.

3. Make sure your free giveaway is working for you. If you have a single-topic opt-in giveaway, test it regularly to make sure it’s enticing enough to your readers that they are converting to subscribers. Create three posts on topics that would interest your readers. Make them list posts and use the same number in each post headline. For example, 12 Ways to Make $100 in One Weekend; 12 Great Tips on Getting 1000 Subscribers in 3 Months; 12 Critical Steps to Creating a Bestselling eBook.  One of the three posts should be the same topic as your current free product. Then put these post links on your sidebar in a prominent location to see which one gets the most clicks over a 2-3 week period. That will tell you what really interests your readers for an opt-in product!

4. Get comfortable with video. This trend is not going away. It is becoming more and more the norm for bloggers to have video on their blogs and YouTube channels that direct traffic to their blog and products.  YouTube can increase your traffic dramatically. Watch this video to learn more: Video Traffic Academy .

5. Create a pillar product of your own. The most profitable product you will ever sell on your blog is a product that you have created yourself. Every blog entrepreneur needs a pillar product of their own that is the centerpiece of their work on the blog. Discover Your Passion is that product for my blog, Live Bold and Bloom. Look at the products currently available in your niche, and find a way to differentiate yourself. Make sure your product is professional look, full of great content with various media (video, articles, podcasts, etc.) A great model for an exceptional product is Chris Guillebeau’s Empire Building Kit.

6. Don’t ignore your email list. Your email list is made up of the people who subscribed to your blog — people who like what you write and have given up their email address for you. You need to connect with them regularly and personally. By doing so, you will not only create a personal relationship with them, but also they will grow to like and trust you so that they eventually are willing to purchase from you. You can read more about tending to your list here.

7. Build affiliates and partner connections. Creating long-lasting relationships and connections with other bloggers is essential to your success. Before you have a product, begin personally connecting with bloggers in your niche. Comment on their blogs, write them a nice email, have a Skype call with them to brainstorm or share ideas. Then when you have a product to sell, they will be more likely to join your affiliate program. These bloggers also can become partners for future joint promotions that can be a substantial income stream for you.

If you focus on these 7 items, you can ignore all of the other input coming at you for now. Get these essentials nailed down, and then you can open your mind to all of the other input trying to dilute your output!

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